10 Ways Mobile Will Give Your Nonprofit an Edge!

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By Ritu Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, Social Media for Nonprofits

It’s easy for our sector to fall into a mindset of being behind or doing without. After all, the valuable funds we work so hard to raise are meant to go towards helping our causes, and keeping us up and running so we can continue to do that good work, right? But some things can only be shrugged off as unnecessary for so long, and technology is one of those things.

It may seem as though waiting until the latest trends “settle” in a bit is wise, so we can invest when the newest models seem destined to stick around for a bit – but in the case of mobile, the time for waiting is long past.

Embracing mobile is something that will actually be an advantage to your nonprofit. Here are 10 reasons why:

1)    Ensures your readability. It doesn’t get any more basic – you can’t get your message out if no one can READ it. Most people (63% of adults as of May 2013) access the Internet via mobile devices, so if they can’t access YOUR information, you’re the one who’ll lose out.

2)    Keeps you competitive. Look around at the other organizations in your space. If your website is not mobile-responsive – and theirs is – you’re already behind and in danger of losing donors to your competitors. Catch up!

3)    Legitimizes your organization. Consider mobile-responsiveness verification your organization is alive, kicking, active, and progressive (in every sense of the meaning). Visitors to your site will notice if your site looks out of date, or is lacking in modern functionality.

4)    Your target audience is mobile or about to be. Whether you like it or not, the people you are trying to reach are already mobile. Make sure they have the option to be reading up on your cause while in cafes, waiting in line, on the train, etc., instead of playing Candy Crush or swiping faces on Tinder.

5)    It’s an opportunity to be interactive with your audience. Social media and mobile devices are a match made in heaven, so reach out and connect with your audience. Collecting petition signatures, asking for opinions, or spreading the word about your next event has never been easier!

6)    Puts news alerts and info at one’s fingertips, readily accessible. Being able to educate, engage and inform your community immediately is a luxury all nonprofits can afford once they go mobile.

7)    It makes donating super easy. This could be the greatest asset mobile offers. People may not have time to attend every fundraising event, but when they can stay informed and then “text to donate” or click a link on your mobile website, they’re more than willing to contribute. Just make sure your donation page is mobile optimized!

8)    Appeals to the visual animal in all of us. Mobile optimization brings the most important parts of your site into sharper focus – simplifying and streamlining. That cleaner, sleeker look tells your visitors that your organization is current and forward-moving. Something they want to get behind.

9)    Makes going social a snap by linking to Facebook, Twitter, etc. You don’t need to be sitting at the office manning a desktop to keep up with social media – you can update on the go, responding to followers in the moment.

10)  Works with email, too – 66% of email opens happen via mobile. Even if you’re not going to go crazy with social media, make sure your email program is mobile-optimized because that’s how over half of your audience is checking their mail, and that number will only grow.

Going forward, more of your constituents will hold technology in the palms of their hands, and that means you need to be able to reach them that way. They’ll be much more invested in your cause if your organization is demonstrably up-to-date. Knowing you’re going to be around for a while will make them that much more interested in making a difference with you.

Is your organization “mobile”-ized? What are you loving most about mobile technology? 

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