5 Ways to Make Your Audience Love You

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By Ritu Sharma, CEO, Social Media for Nonprofits

To get love, you have to give love! All of us are trying to engage and increase our connections and conversations with our communities online.
One of the easiest ways of doing this is through expressing appreciation. Whether they’re donors, members, followers, volunteers, staff members, etc. they deserve special recognition for all their support. Treat them right and they might even love you back. So here are some simple tips for you to shine the light on your community!



1. Respond in a timely fashion – The minute anyone in your online community makes contact, that’s the time to acknowledge them (or as soon as is possible for you).  Respond to comments, answer questions, appreciate compliments, and address and solve any complaints. Knowing there’s a responsive presence there will make followers more interested in engaging.

2. Thank them publicly – Give them a shout-out (by name) on your social platforms and they may be moved to retweet/reblog/repost it, showing their friends how appreciative you are. Not to mention your post will gain organic views by those in their networks if it appears on their Facebook timeline. It’s the “appreciation” in the Three A’s of Nonprofit Social Media Engagement Steven Shattuck recommends.

3. Tag them in photos – Like your thank-you, their picture – as well as your organization or event – will appear to their networks, which gets you some extra exposure while serving as literal recognition of their presence or work for your organization. Go the extra step and make sure it’s a good picture of them before tagging, but of course they can easily untag if they wish.

4. Throw a party – Your staff and volunteers work hard always, but especially the last few months of the year. Now that you’re caught up and into the new year, why not throw an event just for them? It doesn’t have to be a big deal – just a pizza party can do wonders for morale. You can probably even get a local shop to donate the pies. Share pics on social media so others see how much fun it is to work with your organization.

5. Send handwritten thank-you notes – You’ll have stand-out donors and volunteers swooning by going old school and sending handwritten thank-you notes. Taking the extra time and effort yourself is a more special and personal way to recognize the support of your most generous and hardest working supporters. Network for Good offers four tips for amazing thank-yous if you need a little inspiration.

Your audience is your audience because they care about your cause and your organization’s good work – they already love you, but that doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. Ever. Stay connected and make sure they know you appreciate them, and they’ll be with you for years to come.

How do you show love to your organization’s community?

Lead Image from Get Involved Canada, used under CC BY.

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