[Webinar] Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing: Break Your Siloed Approach

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The following is a guest post from Julia McDowell from Williams Whittle.

The following is a guest post from Julia McDowell

I’m so excited to be leading my very first webinar on September 9th with Social Media for Nonprofits. The presentation will focus on how to raise the relevance of your cause and make your message sing like a well-harmonized choir in all of your marketing channels. Often armed with a limited marketing budget it’s likely that you’ve felt that you need to “do what has worked for you in the past in each channel” instead of translating your campaign for each. The webinar will offer some strategies and ideas to help you bring it all together.

One of the chief marketing channels all nonprofits should consider is PSAs. “Whoa, PSAs, you say? Those require big budgets and I’m not even sure if our organization’s marketing message is PSA friendly!” Well, that is exactly why you should attend the webinar—I’ll also be offering insight on how you can make your message come alive in a PSA, make it affordable and reach millions of people who’ve never been exposed to your cause before.

For now, I’ll leave you with 3 PSA myths debunked directly from our annual survey to PSA Directors at stations all across the country.

  • Assumption about PSAs #1: Considering the investment into a PSA, they don’t have a very long shelf life.
    Myth-buster: Nearly 30% of the stations said they would run a spot indefinitely, with almost a quarter (23.3%) saying they would run it for 6 months to a year.
  • Assumption about PSAs #2: The bottom line is that we need to ask for donations and you can’t do that in a PSA.
    Myth-buster: That’s partly true. Networks (like FOX, ABC, CBS) won’t allow it, but about a third of local TV stations and nearly half of radio stations said they would air spots asking directly for donations.
  • Assumption about PSAs #3: Most PSAs only make it on air if they are Ad Council supported.
    Myth-buster: More than half of stations (60%) estimate their stations run 10-40 different PSAs a week. And with more than 1,600 campaigns active each year, Ad Council campaigns account for just a small portion.
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