The First #M4NP Twitter Chat

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Why Should Your Nonprofit Be Mobile Ready?

Nonprofits benefit from embracing mobile to connect, fundraise and amplify social media. If you’re shying away from making this adjustment in your organization’s Web presence, it’s time to embrace it. Social is better with mobile. We are excited to undertake the Mobile for Nonprofits arm of our organization and hope to move the needle on mobile adoption in the nonprofit sector.

About #M4NP

To help nonprofits be smart about their strategy with smart phones, tablets, and less-smart phones, we will lead monthly Twitter chats with the hashtag #M4NP. We will invite sector experts to provide resources and ask 5-6 compelling questions to drive conversation. Conversation will be led from @SM4Nonprofits and our new Twitter handle @M4Nonprofits. We’ll be the first to admit: this is something we’re still working on for our nonprofit. We don’t have the best mobile tech around, but we are committed to making it better and to sharing what we learn in the process with our community.

Join us on March 23rd and every fourth Monday from 1-2 PM EST.

This Month’s Questions:

Q1: Why should nonprofits optimize for mobile? Stats & experience welcome!

Q2: What are the major elements of mobile strategy for a nonprofit’s digital presence?

Q3: What is preventing nonprofits from going mobile?

Q4: What percentage of your traffic is coming from mobile devices?

Q5: Have you seen examples of great mobile presence from other nonprofits? From where?

Bonus Q: What are good ways to explain the importance of mobile to others in your organization?

How to Join this Chat

  • Share this post with your social networks and invite your colleagues to join the conversation!
  • Prepare for the chat by thinking of resources you’d like to share, or take a look at our suggested learning list below.
  • Participate in the conversation on March 23rd at 1 PM EST. Stay organized with your favorite Twitter client (we recommend Nurph or to keep things organized) and follow #M4NP to see the conversation in action.

Recommended Reading

We Need a Mobile Strategy – Ya Think? by Kivi Leroux Miller

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Implement A Mobile Strategy by Julia Claire Campbell

Nonprofits and Their Mobile Strategies by Joe Waters

Why Your Nonprofit Should Have a Mobile Strategy by Tamara Schweitzer

The ‘Mobile Option’ is No Longer an Option! by Ritu Sharma

The Essential Guide to Going Mobile for Nonprofits by Leah Readings

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