In addition to producing several educational programs in 13 cities in three countries (and growing), we also offer consulting services to nonprofits, mission and impact driven organizations, and government agencies around the country.

Most communications professionals are stretched thin and wear multiple hats, so it’s hard to meet everyone’s needs in a group training or conference. Our consulting services are designed to help you set up infrastructure and systems to run campaigns sustainably.

We have a stellar record of fundraising, hosting sold out events and engaging a global community of nonprofit professionals. We can help your organization stand out in the crowd by offering tested strategies and tactics via our expert team.

Our aim is to go from conference lessons to action, making you feel supported as you experiment with something new, or back you up as you strengthen your foundation.

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Whether you need one-time project support, social media training, or ongoing campaign help, we offer a suite of proven solutions to meet your marketing needs.

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When you’re stretched thin in your work, it helps to have a trusted team at your side. Meet the experts who will help you tackle your communications challenges.

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