How We Work

Learn something at one of our conferences and need a helping hand to try it out? Did one of our webinars remind you about an area of marketing you really need to focus on? Need a jumpstart to your content calendar after seeing a really compelling campaign from a competitor? Our aim is to take you from conference lessons to action, making you feel supported as you experiment with something new, or back you up as you strengthen your foundation.

Working with us will feel like having a collaborative marketing and communications agency to plug in when you need us. We start with an in-depth needs assessment (typically by email or over the phone) and then determine which of the foundation items or building blocks might be relevant to your organization. Our solutions with four foundational projects to ensure you’ve got some basics in place. When we have a draft of the block(s) we are working on, we’ll review with you and your team and make necessary tweaks. Then we’ll provide a template that you can take forward without our help and come back for building blocks as needed!

Of course, we’ll be checking back in regularly to see how things are going and to support in other ways, should you need us.

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