We believe the foundation of a good marketing strategy begins with four things – a strong digital presence, a strategy for content, a sound measurement plan, and capacity building to sustain it all. Our solutions start with this foundation and branch out into building blocks that are listed below. Prices will vary, depending on the scope of the project.

The Foundation of a Great Marketing Strategy

Digital Presence Audit

Are your online activities working together to support your mission? We’ll look at how your website, social media channels, campaigns, and other content are driving change.

Digital Presence Audit

We take a close look at your marketing mix across key activities and identify areas for improvement.

Content Strategy

Are you reaching your audience with compelling messages? We’ll put together a calendar of posts, graphics, images, and other media to orchestrate your engagement.

Content Strategy

We map out how to use your existing content strategically to reach your target audience and provide recommendations on new content that will keep your organization’s message fresh.

Measurement Dashboard

Are you measuring the right metrics for your objectives? We’ll set you up with an at-a-glance dashboard so you know just how well your campaigns are performing.

Measurement Dashboard

The question of what to measure and how to measure haunts even the most veteran of marketers. Let us alleviate that stress by analyzing which metrics you need to benchmark. The dashboard will become a critical part of working with us so that we can align your activities to the goals of your mission.

Social Media Training

Do you want your staff to be social media wielding champions for your organization? This one’s for you - we’ll train you and your staff on building a social media presence to meet your mission.

Social Media Training

In a 2-3 hour session, we will train you and your staff on how to build a culture of social media, promote your mission and monitor and track for success. This customized training is tailored to your organization’s challenges and needs.

The Building Blocks of a Great Marketing Strategy

Monthly Content Creation and Curation

In organizations that have a limited (or time-deficient) staff and budget, content creation often becomes an afterthought. We’re your dedicated content writers, publishing and curating consistently to keep up engagement. This takes many different forms, such as crafting newsletters, blogposts, tweets, posts, graphics, etc.

Community Building and Management

We grow the size of your digital community with relevant followers, engaging with top influencers, segregating top industry influencers and cultivating relationships through a targeted multi-channel approach.

Event Marketing Strategy & Event Storming

We currently produce conferences and leadership salons in 13 cities in three countries to sold out audiences, all from our SF Bay Area offices. For your events, we provide a comprehensive social media marketing strategy around event promotion leading up to, during, and after an event. Depending on the scope of our support, we include livetweeting, blogging, photojournalism, capturing instagram and YouTube content for luncheons, and donor events. We generate high quality content to be used throughout the year to further engage your community long after the event is done.

Social Fundraising Campaigns

Want to participate in local giving days like SFGives or GivingTuesday? We provide a simple strategy and associated collateral to execute on the strategy, in addition to staffing support on the day of the campaign to amplify the message and engage with supporters to rally them to your cause.


Tweetchats are a great way to build online community and maintain visibility in the digital sphere. We help design, launch and manage tweetchats so you can simply show up and engage on your Twitter party and leave the rest to us!

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