JULY 14, 2014
FHI 360 Conference Center
1825 Connecticut Ave. NW

Join us again in DC this year on July 14th for a day of networking, connecting and learning at the beautiful FHI conference center. Register now to save your spot!

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates on our 2014 program. As always, the 2013 conference was packed and featured insightful keynotes, workshops, seminars, and panels from a variety of dynamic experts, all sharing practical tips and tools for nonprofit leaders.

Social Media for Nonprofits- Washington, D.C.

July 14th, 2014

Conference Program

8.30 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
9:15 am Welcome & Introduction

Ritu Sharma, Co-Founder & Executive Director
Social Media for Nonprofits

9:30 am Social Media Strategy

Caryn Stein, VP of Communications & Content, Network for Good

Twitter Handle: @Caryn74

Social media presents new and exciting opportunities for NGOs to advance their missions, raise much-needed funds, and mobilize huge bases of support, but how exactly can NGO leaders harness its potential? Join us for an interactive look at some of the most powerful and effective tactics and tools for making the move online.

10:10 am Digital & Visual Storytelling

In this increasingly competitive landscape for donors’ attention and support, getting people to notice and to hear your message can seem impossible. Digital and visual storytelling tactics such as photos, videos and infographics can help your nonprofit cut through the clutter.

10:50 am Break for Coffee and Conversation
11:10 am Breaking Through the Noise In a BuzzFeed World

Avi Kaplan, Director of Online Strategy, RadCampaign

Twitter Handle: @MeshugAvi

Everyone wants their message to be the next viral sensation, but it’s harder than ever for nonprofits to break through. Don’t you need puppies and rainbows to have an impact on social media? What if your mission’s not that sexy? This session will focus on creative ways to make your cause relevant for a broader audience and a few smart strategies and tools to help you make an impact.

11:50 am Marrying Mobile with Social

Ritu Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, Social Media for Nonprofits

Twitter Handle: @Ritusharma1
Mobile is the next evolution in the social and communications space. This simple and interactive session will provide tactical and practical tips on how your nonprofit can engage and retain stakeholders on this platform. The session will cover the basics of mobile and how to prepare various assets in mobile friendly environment.

12:25pm Break for Lunch, Emails, & Fresh Air
1:30pm Solutions Salon: Executive Round Table
In this highly interactive, intimate session, every attendee will not only have the opportunity to introduce his or her work, but more importantly, to identify and meet current needs.  Come prepared to discuss your most pressing challenges, and witness the power of community in action as everyone leaves with their needs for resources, contacts, and ideas fulfilled.
2:30 pm Harnessing Social Media for Donor Engagement

Donna Wilkins, CEO, CharityDynamics

Twitter Handle: @DonnaJWilkins
Donor Engagement is rapidly evolving and is immensely important to your organization’s success. Is your nonprofit organization reaching out to the donors who make your campaigns successful? Is your nonprofit connecting with those who have chosen your nonprofit as their favorite charity? Nonprofits that establish themselves as a donor’s favorite charity are more likely to receive greater support from them – not just in terms of cash contributions, but also through volunteering, event participation and issue advocacy.

3:10 pm Break for Stretch, Emails, & Fresh Air
3:30 pm Make a Difference with Social Measurement

Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Foundation

Twitter Handle: @starfocus

What does your number of likes mean? How many followers does it take to be a success? We all have these questions, but the fact is- if done well measuring how people interact with your organization online can greatly help you determine where to allocate resources. In this session we’ll talk about why we measure, some measurement best practices and a few free and enterprise tools that don’t break the bank.

4:10 pm Panel: Failing Forward in Social Media

Moderator: Ritu Sharma, CEO, Social Media for Nonprofits


Caryn Stein, VP, Communications & Content, Network for Good, @Caryn74

Lindsay Nichols, Senior Communications Director, GuideStar, @LindsayNichols

Emily Yu, VP, Marketing & Partnerships, Case Foundation, @DCXchange

Join our roster of expert speakers and guests from local nonprofit organizations to learn about how to create a culture of growth and learning by embracing failing forward and to propel your nonprofit in excellence by empowering and embracing a mistakes as a necessary stepping stone for growth. Come prepared with your burning questions about social media marketing in nonprofit sector to get answers from our panelists.

5:00 pm Closing Remarks

Ritu Sharma, Executive Director,
Social Media for Nonprofits

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