Washington, D.C. June 18th FHI 360 Conference Center

Join us as we bring together nonprofit decision-makers and supporters in the DC area to share practical tips and tools for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy.  Speakers will address a variety of topics in a series of short, TED-meets-Twitter style talks and interactive workshops. We’ll be adding a couple hands on workshops and breakouts this year to allow participants to get their hands on experience with measurement and designing compelling email newsletters.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive Directors & Founders
  • Development & Online Marketing Professionals
  • Marketing & Communications Staff
  • Nonprofit Bloggers and Media
  • Board Members & Volunteers
  • Nonprofit Consultants
  • Directors of Development
  • Social Fundraising Professionals

Session Highlights

Mobile: Get it or Get Out Strategy Ben Coit, Director & Founder, Nonprofit Practice, Sapient

Twitter Handle:@BenCoit 

The days of whether or not your nonprofit should consider using mobile as a means of connecting with target audiences has long past. In this session, you’ll learn about how to get a mobile strategy in place to accelerate and enhance your existing marketing, fundraising, and communication initiatives. We’ll discuss how to build the case for mobile, the elements to include in your strategy, and the most appropriate types of mobile solutions to consider.  

Mobilegeddon & the Social Web: How to Prepare Ira Horowitz, Co-Founder, Cornershop Creative

Twitter Handle: @Ira_Horowitz 

Google recently changed its search algorithm to move mobile-friendly websites to the top of its search results. In May, the number of Google searches on mobile exceeded the number of desktop searches for the first time. Mobile optimization is no longer just a nice-to-have — it’s a necessity to have a mobile-friendly website, email, and engagement platform. With less than 40% of websites — and fewer than 16% of donation forms — being mobile friendly, there is a lot of work to prepare for the looming mobilegeddon.

OMG SMS FTW! Building Bigger, Better Text Message Campaigns Sam McKelvie, Director of Customer Success, Mobile Commons Twitter Handle: @SamMcKelvie

Maybe your organization has used texting since we were playing Snake on our phones. Or maybe you’re just now struggling with how to start an SMS program and integrate it with your website, social media, and app strategy. This session will help nonprofits at any level think about innovative ways that SMS can advance their organization’s mission and how to overcome common obstacles to growing a mobile program. We’ll launch in to the best use cases for engaging supporters/donors and review tactics for using SMS to better reach the populations that your organization serves. This interactive session will also give you a chance to develop new ideas for acquiring subscribers and expanding their interaction with your nonprofit.

Solutions Salon: Executive Round Table

In this highly interactive, intimate session, every attendee will not only have the opportunity to introduce his or her work, but more importantly, to identify and meet current needs.  Come prepared to discuss your most pressing challenges, and witness the power of community in action as everyone leaves with their needs for resources, contacts, and ideas fulfilled.

Future of Philanthropy: A Conversation about Social Media, Online Giving and the Role of Millennials

Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, Blackbaud

Lance Slaughter, Chief Development Officer and Chapter Relationships Officer, ALS Association

Elyse Greenberg Kort, Digital Marketing & Communications, The Case Foundation 

Join us for this timely conversation about behind the scenes of IceBucketChallenge and the role social media played in its success. We’ll explore how social media marketing is changing the landscape of both philanthropy and fundraising. We’ll hear industry-wide insights about giving from Rachel, millennial and engagement insights from Lance and how to engage millennials from Elyse. Join us with your burning questions from this stellar panel of industry leaders to learn about the role of social and mobile in fundraising.

Creating a Successful Giving Day Strategy

Caryn Stein, Vice President of Communications & Content, Network for Good

Twitter Handle: @Caryn74

Donor Giving days such as #GivingTuesday can help raise your organization’s profile and attract more donors and funds for your mission. But how do you turn a giving day into a full-fledged fundraising event that amplifies your reach and acts as a donor acquisition machine? Caryn Stein, VP of Communications and Content for Network for Good, will help you develop a game plan for launching your most effective giving day campaign. In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn:

  • The key components of every successful giving day
  • How to activate your community and build a team of enthusiastic fundraisers
  • How to create effective appeals and social media updates, a marketing plan, and timeline for your giving day

Join this session for practical tips and get templates that will help you plan a successful giving day for your organization.

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