Join the conversation. Twice a month, we gather on Twitter to talk about the latest and greatest in mobile and social media for nonprofits. These hour-long conversations are jam-packed with resources, questions, and discussion.The community is a good mix of nonprofit professionals, social media lovers, partners, and nonprofit consultants.

Meet us on Twitter every 2nd at 4th Friday at 1 to 2 pm EST with #SM4NP.

Thank You Party [Tweetchat]

It’s the season to be grateful. Nonprofits are seeing donations pour in from their community this GivingTuesday and end-of-year, and they’re enthusiastic to show their gratitude. Join us for a special tweetchat where we’ll amplify that.

This thank you party for donors is where we’ll share innovative ways to make donors feel appreciated and amplify each other’s thank yous. Think of it as a digital arts and crafts party. We welcome all nonprofits to join us! Come prepared with Twitter handles and names to thank and we’ll provide GIFs, thank you images and invite everyone for an hour of practicing gratitude for the support for the sector.

We’ll start with some warm-up questions and get to the fun part, doing a group thank you! Come join us, bring your donor names, Twitter handles and join in this fun social experiment with us!

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Amp Up Workplace Giving with Technology

Workplace giving is an incredible opportunity to create strong partnerships between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. But without engaged employees, this year-end giving can fail to reach its intended goals of generating meaningful support for causes and companies alike. Join us as we bring together socially conscious companies and nonprofits alike to talk through technological solutions for the problems miring status quo workplace giving.

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Does your organization have a plan for social media crises

Social media crisis control

Does your organization have a plan for social media crises? We came together in this tweetchat to come up with a plan to respond efficiently and professionally through social media no matter what is thrown your way. Our special guest this time is Cynthia Shaw. She will use her experience as Regional Director of Communications at American Red Cross to help your nonprofit protect its reputation and respond proactively.

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New and Emerging Social Media

To reach new audiences, sow seeds in new and emerging social media platforms. This tweetchat will explore how nonprofits can be early adopters of platforms like Periscope, Snapchat, and even Tinder.

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Why Should Your Nonprofit be Mobile Ready?

If you’re shying away from making this adjustment in your organization’s Web presence, it’s time to embrace it. Social is better with mobile.

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Measuring What Matters in Social Media

Together we discussed which metrics matter for nonprofits and how to use data to get the most impact out of social media.

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How to Incoporate SMS in Nonprofit Messaging

Text messaging is the #1 most used function across all mobile phones, and yet it is one of the most under-utilized communication tools. We co-hosted this chat with Mobile Commons to explore this topic.

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Telling the Story of Nonprofits via Blogging

Having a blog is an incredibly effective way to tell your nonprofit’s story, connect with supporters, and gain exposure with new audiences. From SEO to establishing authority—there are numerous and very compelling reasons to write and maintain a blog. Then, why doesn’t every nonprofit have one?

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Activating Volunteers through Social Media

Your nonprofit has digital fans on social media. How can those fans be activated as volunteers? And what are the best practices for managing and retaining those volunteers to ensure that they have the most impact?

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Gaining Influence: Power Tips for Power Users of Social Media

It’s pretty incredible the reach and impact that can be achieved through social. We talked Guy Kawasaki’s #ArtofSocial and other thoughts on power tips for power users.

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Storytelling through Social Media

In their communications, nonprofits focus too much on how they do things and their theory of change but far less about how they’ve made a change or accomplished an outcome. We talked about how nonprofits can lift the causes and constituents they serve through effective storytelling.

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Mobile Email for Nonprofits

Because mobile makes the web more immediate, nonprofits can harness support more quickly. We explored best practices for nonprofit emails in a mobile web, including how nonprofits can harness that immediacy for change.

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After Mobilegeddon: The Mobile-Responsive Nonprofit Website

The mobile internet shift is nothing to fear, we agreed. Lots of well-informed people shared their insights, including our partners Cornershop Creative, who’s been working with us on our own mobile website!

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The Twitter Chat on Twitter Chats

This very meta twitter chat explored how nonprofits can use this tool most effectively to drive fundraising, advocacy, and community building?

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Giving Tuesday and Social Media

#GivingTuesday started in 2012 as an opportunity for people and businesses to join together to give back in meaningful ways. This year, #GivingTuesday is on December 1st. It’s best start planning early.

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Making Mobile Make Dollars and Cents

Many nonprofits resist the switch to mobile technologies because they know how it can be expensive. Yet, this tool can also help your nonprofit become financially sustainable through fundraising.

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Should My Nonprofit Pay for Ads on Social?

There are some benefits that nonprofits can gain from paying for ads on social media and elsewhere. How to decide if it’s for you?

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