Get Mobile or Get Stuck!

The data doesn’t lie, the mobile era is upon us. But how do you go beyond the data to make mobile work for your nonprofit? Hear from Ethan Kearns on how the Nature Conservancy is working to embrace this digital media shift.  You’ll learn about many of the real life examples of mobile adoption, and understand specific ways to go beyond the surface level statistics to fully grasp the mobile potential.

Watch this recorded 45 minute webinar now!

Key Takeaways:

• Real-world examples for your nonprofit to emulate
• Specific tips to maximize your engagement through mobile
• How to get started with a mobile strategy for your nonprofit

About the Presenter

Ethan Kearns is Mobile Marketing Manager for The Nature Conservancy and a freelance creative. He is currently specializing in bringing a mobile first mindset to the Conservancy’s digital communications. Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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