Strategic Storytelling for Social Impact

Stories have the power to spark movements, raise armies of volunteers, and even change the world. But stories with impact don’t just happen—they require intention and heart. So once you have the right story, how can you make the most of it across social media?

In this 60 minute webinar, we explore how to use your organization’s best stories across channels for better outreach, fundraising, and impact reporting. Watch it now.


Key Takeaways:
• What makes a good story and who’s the right storyteller?
• How to and why you should spend more time leveraging good content to the right audience
• Ways to measure what’s working and what’s not
• Tools and resources to help transform your nonprofit into a storytelling organization

About the Presenters

Jereme Bivins has spent nearly a decade as an organizer, fundraiser, and campaigner for candidates and causes. Currently, the digital media manager at The Rockefeller Foundation, Jereme leverages digital tools to help Foundation teams and grantees collaborate, engage an active online audience, and advance the Foundation’s dual goals of building resilience and more inclusive economies.

Kimaya Dixit is an expert in strategy and content development for digital communications, integrated marketing and advocacy campaigns. She has managed campaigns for global and national nonprofits, government agencies, trade associations and businesses. At Hattaway Communications, Kimaya has worked with the Rockefeller Foundation to develop Hatch for Good and has also led storytelling trainings in India, Thailand, Kenya and the U.S. for the Foundation’s grantees and program staff.

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