Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Break your Siloed Approach

Any amount of money you spend on marketing should be treated like an investment because every dollar counts. So, how do you raise the relevance of your cause with the budget (even if it’s a small one) you have? On September 9th 2015, Julia McDowell, Vice President of Williams Whittle, will join us for 60-minute webinar to give you an in-depth look at how to mix traditional media and online media, like public service announcements (PSAs) and social, to gain access to powerful media like television and radio on a serious budget. Sign up today.


Through our monthly webinar program, we endeavor to bring you the same actionable, practical and tactical content that we feature in our conferences around the world.

You will learn the following strategies:
• How to raise brand-relevance without breaking your budget
• How to optimize your marketing efforts under resource-constraint situation without limiting the potential results
• How to include traditional media like public service announcements (PSAs) in your core marketing efforts
• How to leverage online and offline methods to make your message more impactful

About the Presenter

Julia McDowell, Vice President, Williams Whittle

As the Account Supervisor for the agency, Julia is Williams Whittle’s top nonprofit strategist, working with the American Red Cross, the USO, SCORE, National Park Trust, and the American Institute for Cancer Research, to name a few. With more than a decade of sales, marketing and advertising experience, Julia has been an invaluable resource for clients and has justly won two Effies for her work.

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