Social media for sold out galas and events

We are excited to launch our monthly webinar program to bring you the same actionable, practical and tactical content that we feature in our conferences around the world. We’ve invited a handful of our experts to share the content on our webinar program so those of you who are not able to join us in one of our live-conferences can have access to it.

This month we have invited Tracy Kosolcharoen, marketing manager at Eventbrite to share insights about social media fueling event registration and engagement. She has a unique vantage point of reviewing and analyzing thousands of events to aggregate information and share this data heavy but very tactical session!

Nonprofits organize events as a primary way of fundraising and in many cases programs. In this webinar, you’ll learn how social media can influence event attendance, ticket sales and engagement for your nonprofit. This workshop is based on analysis of over 60 events, in six different categories and 25 million posts from Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums. In this interactive and data driven webinar, you’ll learn from research and analysis of hundreds of nonprofit fundraisers and peer-to-peer events to see what works, what doesn’t and how you can optimize your social media efforts to maximize engagement and return on investment for your nonprofit.

Key Takeways
• How is social sharing different before, during, and after fundraising events?
• What are the latest best practices for fundraisers on social media?
• How can you boost engagement and encourage ticket sales with social media?
• What are the tools and tactics for engaging with influencers?

Social media for sold out galas and events

About the Presenter

Tracy Kosolcharoen

Tracy Kosolcharoen is the nonprofit marketing manager at Eventbrite, where she works to help deliver more value to nonprofit event organizers. Prior to Eventbrite, she has spent years managing marketing programs at American Express and OpenTable.

Twitter Handle: @tkosol


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